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A person’s hair can define them. It can boost confidence, change your mood, make people’s head turn when you walk. Hair is more powerful than it often perceived to be. My passion has always been to create the perfect look for my clients. I want to feel power when they leave my chair, to have confidence, edge, and to feel sexy

I have over 20 years of experience and I never stop educating myself on the latest products and techniques that will help you  achieve your perfect look. Opening my own salon meant I could show the world my style, art, and skill in a way I never could before. Being a stylist means being an artist, a creative mind with the ability to transform their medium, and I believe that’s what I do. I try and take my art and personalize it  every client in my chair so what they leave with is exactly what they came in for, an amazing style that suits their skin tone, facial structure, and personal style.

I take a great amount of pride in work so continuing my education is important. I’m always up to date with the best and most effective methods of coloring, cutting, styling, and conditioning. I want my clients  know that when they sit down in my chair they are in good hands. The client always comes first and the whole idea of my salon is making my clients comfortable, happy, and feeling.

So come by and let me make you feel like the best that you can be!



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